Professional kitchen design and construction

Kitchens are the heart of the home and the one room the whole family loves to gather at all times of the day. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most beneficial home improvements a homeowner can make in the home, especially because the opportunity for a return on investment is high. The professionals with Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling have the expertise and knowledge to help you design a kitchen remodel that suits your needs perfectly, creating the extra space you’ve always wanted without compromising on the other highly important features of your kitchen. Give us a call to schedule your complementary kitchen remodeling consultation, and let our design team show you the possibilities that exist with your unique kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet refacing and replacement

The most eye catching feature of any kitchen is likely going to be the kitchen cabinets because kitchen cabinets cover the most visual space in the room and are very frequently used. Kitchen cabinets are also the one feature most likely to date a kitchen, meaning you’ll likely want to update your kitchen cabinets above all else. Kitchen cabinet refacing can be an excellent option for cabinets that are structurally sound yet out of date, especially for kitchen remodeling on a budget. Most older homes have strong kitchen cabinets and they will not need to be replaced, but if there has been any damage or extreme wear on your kitchen you’ll want a professional assessment to ensure they’re strong enough for modifications and storing your appliances.

Kitchen layout

It’s a misconception that the layout of your kitchen can’t be changed, and a new kitchen layout can dramatically increase your usable space and make cooking and working in your kitchen much more enjoyable. It’s possible to change your kitchen layout without changing the location of the sink or oven, which can involve a lot of work behind the walls, while changing everything in your kitchen might be a highly beneficial option during a more extensive renovation. The team with Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling will help you decide if a new layout will be best for you and your family, and which kitchen layout will work best for your habits. We’ll help you choose between a U shape, L shape or square shape with a peninsula or island included.

professional kitchen

Kitchen counter tops

Your kitchen counter tops arguably see the most use and wear out of any other surface in your kitchen, and possibly even in your home. Kitchen counter tops are used for preparing food, storing appliances and holding hot pots and pans on occasion. Selecting your kitchen counter tops can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and ease of using your kitchen and they should be carefully selected. Understanding your kitchen habits is essential to making the right kitchen counter top decisions.check now!

Whether or not you chop directly on the counter, or put hot pans on the surface, or need a counter top that’s easy to clean will help you narrow your choices. The professionals with Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling are kitchen counter top experts and will help you make the best selection for your kitchen.

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